KTAL, professional sales coaching

Individual personal coaching for
Sales and Management professionals

At a time when companies are reluctant to increase budgets, many need to maximise their existing human resource. KTAL works to do this by bringing out the individual's existing skills and allow them to grow sales more profitably.
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Individual and team evaluation

You will better understand your skill set and who you are in the workplace, and, who you work with outside the office

Unique approach

Coaching as an individual, addressing your specific needs, goals and challenges

Tailored for professionals

Whether you lead a 60 strong sales unit or work alone in the field we will raise your overall game plan

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Individual, personal business and management coaching

Whether you are the HR Manager, keen to witness employees grow in their role; Finance Manager, funding the individual and watching the margins; or the Director with pressures and targets the Sales professional must support, you will see benefits in investing quality personalised time in private one-to one coaching. The results pay for themselves. At KTAL we believe middle managers are the key to company success. Let us evaluate your existing supply chain and account management and work with us to leverage greater efficiency and performance from both.

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What can KTAL offer me?

  • Greater clarity of direction
  • A focused strategic approach to your supply chain
  • Sharper sales and account management focus
  • Improved company sales results