KTAL, professional sales coaching

Our Approach
for the individual, professional
or corporate client

Effective strategies...

To help you focus towards success

Flow Chart

Challenge existing practice...

To overcome obstacles which limit performance


One to one coaching...

To maximise performance and potential


We work with senior business professionals to realise their potential – whether they are are new to sales management, new to the employer or seasoned pros – our bespoke coaching will be tailored to suit their situation and their needs.

Ours is a model where the client is coached as an individual with their specific needs, goals and challenges addressed. Coaching services are not scripted training programmes, but bespoke one to one sessions that allow the participant to help identify the areas they wish to improve and to become involved in setting the agenda. We utilise familiar business improvement  tools and techniques, appropriate processes and the methods that have allowed others to succeed in overcoming similar challenges. Best practice gleamed from Central Government, the MoD and other Corporates are extended to each and every client.

Coaching the individual...

  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of performance within an individual
  • Understand individual personal drivers & NLP work
  • Act as a trusted, independent confidant to help clients unlock their potential
  • Show how process and structure can benefit future motivation, attitude and future performance
  • Assess and overcome personal obstacles that may influence performance during the business week
  • Clients will commit to and write their own closure plan for success going forward in the senior role

The results...

  • A sharper strategic focus
  • Adopt effective personal-management and business management strategies
  • Ability to challenge existing business practice and process
  • Improved working relationships and management of direct reports
  • Changed behaviour and improved ability to identify more business opportunities, increase profitability and grow revenue
  • Improved sales technique leading to better engagement with existing or prospective customers.
  • Achieve greater clarity of direction and greater confidence in yourself and your future.